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Welcome to Shiyo's Gallery! Old works can also be found at Babylon Zero: Gallery.
Artwork exchanges can also be found here, along with fanart (email me at  Some neat manga images might be here also, as samples.  This page will be updated whenever I get the inspiration to draw (*coughguestbookme*). My Deviantart account (yamikura) probably won't be updated until I get a new one, so everything goes up here and at my Photobucket account!

Newest -- Oldest (Mostly)

ORIGINAL (not in Lawless or Durian): Includes Rough Designs and Inked Works

Friends          Random Battle Scene         Eli's Chara Design: Draft01          Nikki's Chara Design: Draft 01          "Dad" Original Design: Draft 01          Random Bad Guys          Old Design - Transvestite

Fantasy Series - Huntress          Fantasy Series - Knight and Lady          Rough Sketch          Collage #4          Collage #3          Collage #2          Collage #1

LAWLESS and Related Works:

Sample: CH2 - 03          Sample: Chapter 02          Sample: CH01 - Splash          Sample: CH01 - 10          Sample: VOL01 Title

DURIAN and Related Works:

Soren 5-Min Doodle          Madison High Panel          Sample: CH02          Sample: CH01 - Splash          Sample: CHAPTER 01          Sample: VOLUME 01    
Fanart (Warning: OLD)

SANKOE!!        Momochi (Naruto)        Shaman King        Naruto01         Ten-Headed Dragon         Rough Cloud  
Art Exchanges or Fanart:

By Will (Creator of Stalkers-Online):  "Eli" by William Leighton

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